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Fact sheet

Young Carers Workers Conference 2012

Thank you for your interest in the Young Carers Workers’ Conference 2012. The conference was a great success, attended by over 175 delegates with work presented from 7 different projects.

The feedback was very positive and we hope to continue the Young Carers’ conference in years to come.

Please see below, for your interest, the documents from the conference available now to download. If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact Sharon Knowles on

Workshop 1 & 2A: Achieving change with the whole family
Lessons from ‘whole family working’ pilot projects in supporting young carers. John Hitchin, York Consulting and facilitated by Sue Crabb & Michelle Parker from Family Action Sheppey.

Workshop 12a Diagram (249 KB)

Workshop 1 & 2B: Getting to the Outcomes
Findings from a qualitative study of three young carer projects. Laurie Day and Jo Barham, Ecorys and facilitated by Vickie Carnegie and Lucinda Godfrey from Dundee Carers Centre.

Workshop 12b (302 KB)

Workshop 1 & 2B (flipchart notes): as above Workshop 12b Flipchart Notes (127 KB)

Workshop 2D: Young Carers with Special Needs - ‘TIME OUT’
Eleanor Willett and Val Wisdom

Workshop 2d (1.2 MB)

Workshop 1E: Young Carer Award
Promoting effective support for young carers throughout their education. Joanne Ismail, Trish Moroney and Cath Johnston, Swindon Carers Centre.

Workshop 1e (1.2 MB)

Workshop 1 & 2F: Raising money through non-statutory sources
A workshop by Lydie Saint-Marc from Carers Trust.

Workshop 12f (465 KB)

Plenary 1: York Consulting and Andrew Sargent

Plenary 1 Andrew Sargent (107 KB)
Plenary 1 James Ronicle (1.5 MB)

Plenary 2: Saul Becker

Plenary 2 Saul Becker (1.0 MB)

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