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Fact sheet

Whole family support and working with adults

The most effective help for young carers looks at the whole family. In many areas, there is a specialist local service that can offer activities, breaks, listening, help with school problems and signposting for parents.

Find out if you have a local Young Carers Project. Then ensure that young people know about this service and refer when you have the young carers’ or parents’ permission.

If you work with adults, it is likely that some of them are parents, so taking a whole-family approach is vital. Whenever you come across a parent who has a care need because of their disability, illness or substance misuse problem, ask yourself: who else looks after my client apart from me? Some parents get their care needs met by adult carers or other professionals.

Ask every adult client:

  • Who helps care for you at home?
  • Do you have children?
  • What effect does your health problem have on them?
  • How much do they do to help out?
  • Do you need more support as a parent?
  • Do your children need more support?