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Fact sheet

Wellness tools

This section is really about helping young carers to look at some things they can do to improve their well-being. In this section be as creative as you can. You can encourage young carers to create cartoons or dramas around looking after themselves. Some people may find this a better way of coming up with ideas for their wellbeing. Combine with other parts of the toolkit, for instance the Problem Page activity, to create some interesting scenarios and ideas for promoting wellbeing.

Also refer to My Mental Health pages on YCNet (our website for young carers) for more information about looking after yourself.

Positive Vs. Negative Thoughts (94 KB)
Facilitator note (118 KB)

My Health Plan (93 KB)
Facilitator note (105 KB)

Wellness Poster/Box (113 KB)
Facilitator note (92 KB)

List of Comforts (102 KB)
Facilitator note (118 KB)

This is My Life (94 KB)
Facilitator note (107 KB)