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Fact sheet

Trust resources and networks

Linking with other colleagues

For statutory professionals working with young carers, there is a email group linking non-Princess Royal Trust professionals. This network provides information, support and good practice sharing opportunities. Membership is free, and you can sign up at:

Substance misuse and dual diagnosis

For more information, or to discuss local issues in supporting young carers for people with substance misuse or dual diagnosis, please get in touch with The Trust who will talk to you about ways in which we can help. Please email Drew Lindon or call 020 8498 7931.

Resources for staff within our network

For staff working at Princess Royal Trust for Carers Centres, there is a Young Carer Workers Yahoo Group which you can use to contact colleagues across the network on substance misuse/dual diagnosis issues.

Also for member of the Trust's network, there are further resources available on the Young Carers and Mental Health Carers pages of TrustNet.

Mental Health and Young Carers TrustNet page

Substance Misuse and Dual Diagnosis Trustnet page

Young Carers and Substance Misuse TrustNet page

In particular, look at the Trust Guidance: Resilience and young carers of substance misusing parents for a more in-depth discussion of supporting young carers in this situation.

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