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Support organisations (Young carers mental health)

Scottish Association for Mental Health

Provides information, advice and support for mental health service users, carers and workers. They have an information hub in Glasgow where people can drop in.

Tel: 0800 9173466


Mental health charity which provides information and support to young people and adults throughout Scotland. They have a variety of services on offer, including one to raise awareness of self-harm. They also provide a respite service in Edinburgh.

Tel: 0131 4752570

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland

Organisation providing support to help people live as independently as possible in the community. They support people with mental health problems, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, alcohol related issues and people with autism.

Tel: 0845 0136300


Provide individual support to people living in the community. They work with people with mental health problems, learning disability, addiction issues, autism and other care needs.

Tel: 0300 6663030

The Mental Welfare Commission

Independent organisation overseeing mental health facilities and services provided by statutory and voluntary organisations. They have a range of inspection reports, guidance material and general information about services relating to mental health. This is also the body that service users and carers can ask for assistance if they have issues with mental health services.

Tel: 0131 3138777

Breathing Space

Scottish wide helpline for people in distress. They will also take calls from carers.

Tel: 0800 83 85 87

Support in Mind

Operating name in Scotland for National Schizophrenia Fellowship. They provide information and support on many aspects of mental illness effects it has on all concerned.

Tel: 0131 6624359

Young Scotland In Mind

Provide information and resources for young people, their families and workers around mental health.

Tel: 0131 3146628

NHS Inform

New national health information service.

Tel: 0800 224488

Childline Scotland

National helpline for children and young people. In Scotland this is operated by Children 1st.

Web: or in Scotland,
Tel: 0800 1111

Self Harm: Recovery, Advice and Support – The Site

Health and wellbeing web site with information on self- harm and young people.


Depression in Teenagers

Interactive activity about depression. Developed by Young People’s Unit at Royal Edinburgh Hospital.


Voices of Experience

Organisation working with service users and carers to help them voice their views on variety of issues around mental health. They have a dedicated service for Young Voices of Experience. This is for young people aged 16-25 who have experienced mental health issues.

Tel: 0141 5721663

Teenage Health Freak

Website which is monitored by Consultant Paediatrician and provides information on alcohol, body, drugs, feelings, illnesses, relationship, sex, smoking, weight and eating.


Royal College of Psychiatrists

Professional body for Psychiatrists. Also has access to on line information sheets and publications. Excellent resource on the web called “Partners in Care” written by The Royal College and Princess Royal Trust for Carers. It provides guidance on issues relating to carers of people with mental health problems.

Tel: 020 72352351

Bi-Polar Fellowship Scotland

Organisation providing support and information to people affected by bi-polar disorder/manic depression and their carers.

Tel: 0141 5602050

Action for Depression

Scotland’s national charity for people suffering from depression and those who care for them.

Tel: 0808 8022020 (information service 2-4pm daily

Beating Eating Disorders

Provides helplines, online support and network of self-help groups to help adults and young people in UK beat their eating disorder.

Tel: Adult helpline (over 18s) 0845 634 1414
Youth helpline (under 25s) 0845 634 7650


National organisation providing advice, information and support to people with mental health problems.


No Panic

Provides help and support for people who suffer panic attacks. Provides information and practical tips for dealing with panic attacks.

Tel: 0808 808 0545 (Freephone helpline)

The Samaritans

Confidential helpline for people in distress.

Tel: 08457 909090

National Self-Harm Network

Supports survivors and people who self-harm or injure as a way of coping. Also supports the people indirectly affected, like family and friends.

Tel: 0800 622 6000 (Support Helpline)

Steps for Stress

NHS Health Scotland web-site offering advice and practical tips on dealing with stress.


Mental Health Foundation, Scotland

Organisation which has a focus on work which promotes mental health throughout Scotland, preventing mental health problems and supporting recovery.

Tel: 0141 5720125

Scottish Drugs Forum

National, non-Government drugs policy and information service. Provides training to variety of audiences including carers.

Tel: 0141 2211175

See Me Scotland

National anti-stigma organisation working to end stigma and discrimination towards people with mental health problems. Resources available to others to help in this work.

Tel: 0131 5540218

Know the Score

Information and advice on all aspects of drug misuse.

Tel: 0800 5875879 (helpline)


National charity dedicated to prevention of solvent and volatile substance abuse, particularly among children and young people.

Tel: 07505 000024 (Re-Solve Scotland)

National Association of Children of Alcoholics

Organisation to address the needs of children growing up in families where one or both parents suffers from alcohol or similar addictions.

Tel: 0800 358 3456

Alcohol focus Scotland

Scotland’s national charity working to reduce the harm caused by alcohol. Provides training, information and research.

Tel: 0141 572 6700

Scottish Child Law Centre

Provides expert advice and information to children and young people, their families and carers and professionals working for and with children.

Tel: 0131 6676333. Under 18s Freephone 0860 328 8970

Scottish Recovery Network

Network of organisations and individuals with a common interest in recovery from mental health problem. It provides information and training around models of recovery.

Tel: 0141 2407790


National charity working with children and adults whose lives are affected by obsessional compulsive disorder. Information and advice provided, with a section dedicated to family, friends and carers.

Tel: 0845 1203778

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