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Schools Resource Pack

Supporting Young Carers: a resource for schools
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Do you care? Schools Resource Pack

The resource is split into five sections and then into chapters. It will guide your school through the steps needed to support young carers; from understanding their needs and improving identification, to strategic and practical support and the building of a healthy school environment where young carers can flourish.

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• Each chapter bullets how it supports schools. These can form a school’s action plan.
• Chapters are highlighted for particular members of staff, although collaborative work amongst all staff is most effective
• Although designed to be used independently by schools, implementation of the resource can be supported by a local young carers’ service.

Please note that key tools are found within chapters:
4.1 Barriers to learning and possible solutions
12.1 School policy checklist
33.1 Lesson and assembly planning
33.2 Young carers’ stories
33.3 Building your library
33.4 Sample role-play for an assembly, drama, PSHCE or SEAL lesson
33.5 Young carers give top tips for their peers
34.1 How our school supports young carers: a template (a model text)
34.2 Information and contacts for young carers: a template
34.3 Information and contacts for parents: a template

Front Cover School Resource Pack (186 KB)
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A. An Overview

An overview shows what it means to be a young carer and the impacts that caring can have on a young person. It also details the national legislation and guidance surrounding young carers.

B. Barriers to learning

This section explores the barriers to learning that young carers face and offers solutions for reducing these barriers. It explores key issues such as attendance, bullying, behaviour and transport.

C. A strategic approach

A strategic approach is aimed at school improvement partners, school governors, the senior management team, pastoral leads and those staff who have a specific lead for young carers and their families. It sets out the rationale for supporting this vulnerable group and includes case studies from schools who have been working in partnership with young carers’ services and short stories from young carers themselves. A strategic approach will help your school in setting the strategic direction for supporting young carers and highlights the need for policy, training and awareness and the role of a named staff member with lead responsibility for young carers.

D. Supporting young carers in your school

This section looks at the needs of different groups of young carers and the importance of early intervention and identification. It details the ‘journey of support’ from identification, assessment and safeguarding through to support with transition at the end of secondary school and on into further education.

It explores what support can be put in place using personalised approaches, partnership working and the need to ‘think family’ when supporting young carers.

E. Building a healthy school environment

This section aims to help schools build an environment where young carers and their families feel safe, accepted and understood. It offers information and resources for schools to use in order to promote understanding about young carers’ issues and ensure that pupils and families have the information they need to seek support. It includes ideas for lessons and assemblies, case studies from young carers and model texts for schools to adapt and use.

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