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Fact sheet

Integrated Interventions

A large element of the ‘Building the Evidence. Building the Practice’ programme is the delivery of a grants programme aimed at piloting and developing sustainable, local partnerships between statutory and Third Sector organisations.

Carers Trust has been consistent in its key messages on young carers to policy makers, namely that young carers and their families should be able to choose the level of care they provide and that adult services need to play a more significant role in supporting adults who are also parents. There is strong evidence that these policy messages are being heard at a central government level, particularly in the 2010 Carers Strategy refresh which detailed our recommendation for services to work together to support young carers and their families. The provision of funding for this project is further validation of this.

Where Third Sector organisations working with young carers have already developed approaches and joint working protocols with statutory departments (e.g. adult social care and health services), young carers and their families are experiencing improvements in outcomes for the whole family, as individuals and as a unit.

Through funding the development of structured partnership sites, Carers Trust is encouraging greater collaboration between organisations, leading to the provision of innovative solutions that support early and effective intervention with disadvantaged, marginalised and troubled families. This we know can have a significant impact on outcomes for young carers and their families.

Where some organisations traditionally have focused on the needs of individual family members, these ‘partnership sites’ will work together to embed family focused approaches, specifically focusing on early intervention and prevention of excessive or harmful caring and improving the delivery of integrated interventions for young carers (aged under 18) and their families across England. Carers Trust has funded projects that have demonstrated that their approach would combine the following three components:
*direct support for family members and young carers aged under 18
*activities aimed at building families’ resilience
*a structured approach to identifying and supporting emerging issues which prevents ‘crisis development’.

For information on who received funding and what each partnership site is delivering, please click here