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Fact sheet

How do I identify a young carer?

Identifying a young carer at school

Young carers often show these signs at school:

  • Often late or miss days or weeks off school for no apparent reason.
  • Often tired or withdrawn.
  • Difficulty joining in extra curricular activities.
  • Isolated or a victim of bullying – either because of the situation in the family or because they lack social skills when with their peers. In contrast, they may be confident with adults.
  • Under- achievement. Homework/coursework may be of poor quality, not submitted on time or not handed in at all.
  • Anxiety or concern over ill/disabled relative.
  • Behavioural problems – there is often a big difference between the young person who seems “mature beyond their years” in their home environment where they are very protective of a disabled relative, and the young person who takes out their pent-up frustration or stress at school.
  • Physical problems such as back pain from lifting an adult.
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