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Fact sheet

How can I help a young carer?

Teachers Action List

  1. Speak to the young person in private - do not confront them in front of their peers. Explain the confidentiality rules that you operate within in age-appropriate language.
  2. Establish what caring tasks they are performing and why. Find out how their caring role affects them: Are they being bullied? Do they struggle with schoolwork? Do they miss out on extra-curricular activities? Do they worry when they are out of contact with home? How can you help with these issues?
  3. With the young person’s permission, speak to their parent/s and explain the effect that the young person’s caring role is having on their education. Are there other forms of support open to the family or another family member that could help more? Remember – few parents choose a caring role for their child: it is often the only option they are aware of and many feel very guilty about the effect their illness or disability has on their child.
  4. Explain to parents and children that they may be entitled to an assessment of their needs from social services, who may be able to help them.
  5. Help the family to contact other agencies, or your nearest Young Carers Project if they want you to.
  6. Work out a plan with the family that is realistic and achievable and that will let the young carer attend school and get the most from their education.

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