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Fact sheet

Give young carers the information they need

Health professionals working with adults who have children should try to encourage them to explain their health condition to their children. Alternatively, professionals could do this on behalf of the adult, if the adult does not feel comfortable to do so. If this is not possible, there is no data protection barrier to giving a child or young person general information about the relevant health condition. Some of the questions that trouble many young carers, and which you should try to address, include:

  • Can I catch it/ will it happen to me too?
  • What caused it? Why us? Is it my fault?
  • Can I do anything to make the person better?
  • Will the person I look after get worse or die?
  • What should I do in an emergency?

Professionals shouldn’t assume that even apparently mature, confident young carers are as assured on the inside as they appear on the outside.