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Fact sheet

E-learning for school staff

Young carers e-learning module for school staff

This module is designed to help all school staff identify and support young carers throughout their education. Based on a set of questions, it provides insight into young carers and practical ideas about how to support them directly and within the wider school setting.

It can be completed as a stand-alone e-leaning tool and takes about 40 minutes to complete. You can test your understanding by attempting the ‘Knowledge Check’ at the end. Although users access and complete the module in their own time, we encourage school leadership teams and governors to follow-up with a discussion around whole school action.

A Healthy Schools toolkit is now available on the DfE website, which provides comprehensive information to support schools engaging in health and wellbeing improvements for their children and young people. The practical ‘plan, do, review’ approach outlined in the toolkit supports schools to identify and select priorities, milestones, activities and interventions effectively.