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Fact sheet

Disabled parents rights

All disabled parents have a right to the support they need, so that no one has to rely on the caring role of a child. However many parents tell us that they are not being given the right support. We want this to change and we are working with the Disabled Parents Network and the Children’s Society to get better support for disabled parents, so that in future there will be fewer young carers.

Our Joint Statements on young carers and disabled parents, shared with The Disabled Parents Network and The Children's Society Young Carers Initiative are available here:

Joint statements on young carers and disabled parents (2006)

This is also endorsed by:

  • Young Carers Research Group- Loughborough and Birmingham University
  • Carers UK
  • Crossroads – Caring for Carers
  • The Family Policy Alliance (ParentlinePlus; Family Welfare Association; Family Rights Group)