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Fact sheet

Current guidance on young carers for schools

DCSF guidance on young carers

The DCSF has updated its guidance for LAs and schools on supporting attendance and managing behaviour, to replace circulars 10/99 and 11/99.

Young carers are identified as a vulnerable group at particular risk. The good practice guidance includes the following statements and advice:

  • "Young people should not be expected to carry inappropriate levels of caring which have an adverse impact on their development and life chances. Young carers may be late or absent from school because of their responsibilities. They may appear to be tired, disengaged, isolated from peers or under-achieving. Many report bullying."
  • "In a genuine crisis, a school can approve absence for a child to care for a relative until other arrangements can be made."
  • "Schools should consider designating a member of staff to have responsibility for young carers. Pupils and parents should be made aware of what to expect if they contact this staff member, for instance through publicising a School Policy on young carers".

For further information and access to the full documents, please see the DCSF website

Advice and guidance for teachers working with young carers, is also available on TeacherNet, including case studies from teachers themselves.