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Fact sheet

Building Support and Dealing with Emergencies

This section has been designed to help young carers build support networks around them so that they have people they can turn to when the person they care for becomes unwell. As with a lot of mental illnesses the person may become ill quite quickly. This can be a frightening time for the young carer. Having an emergency plan in place can help reduce anxiety, and may even lead to a better outcome for both young carer and cared for.

This section also provides a guide to some simple steps young carers can take whilst waiting for professional help to arrive and should only be used with those young carers who wish to undertake this type of activity.

Please note, this section is not intended to teach first aid skills to young carers. Emergency and/or medical help must always be sought. Young carers must keep themselves safe at all times.

Supporting Me (93 KB)
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Super Hero Helpers (97 KB)
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My Emergency List (92 KB)
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Dealing with Psychiatric Emergencies (96 KB)
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