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Fact sheet

Services provided by Carers Centres

Carers’ Centres are like a hub of activity for carers in a local area, delivering a wide range of local support services to meet the needs of carers in their own communities.

Each provides expertise specific to their particular area but core services include:

  • finding hidden carers via outreach in GP surgeries, hospital wards and schools;
  • finding the right information for every carer, whatever their circumstances;
  • making sure carers’ voices are listened to by local decision makers;
  • supporting carers emotionally and practically throughout their caring journey;
  • helping to make caring a positive experience by helping carers to share experiences and by ensuring access to breaks, education, training and employment

Information and advice can be on all issues affecting carers, including benefits, breaks, respite and support services, carer assessment procedures, aids and adaptations

Advocacy can mean helping carers at tribunals, assessments, case reviews, assistance to access funds and services, or whenever a carer needs a friend or supporter

Emotional support - providing opportunities for carers to talk through their concerns, whether individually or in group sessions, with staff, trained volunteers and other carers who understand their situation

Community consultation - giving carers a unified voice in their region, to ensure that they have an impact on decision-making. By working with other agencies and consulting carers, centres can have a strong influence on local policy, planning procedures and outcomes. They also ensure that the local carers' voice can be linked in to the regional and national decision-making bodies

Training and education in skills often needed by carers, such as moving and handling, first aid, personal development, stress reduction through reflexology and aromatherapy and training and education for professionals on carer-related issues

Examples of services that have been successful in supporting carers are available on The Carers’ Hub

You can find your local Carers’ Centre here