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Fact sheet

Training and learning

There are thousands of carers who would like to be able to return to work, but lack confidence and feel their skills are out of date after years of caring.

Supporting carers to achieve their own aspirations for learning and work outside their caring role is mandatory for local authorities who have to consider leisure, employment and life long learning as part of the Carers’ Assessment.

Carers’ services can include support for working carers, those who want to go back to work or to undertake training and other education. This vould include respite, or making use of Direct Payments to fit in with what they need, for example having a sitter so they can get ready for work in the morning.

The Changing Lives project, part of the Carers Resource in Harrogate, Yorkshire, helps carers to combine personal development, leisure interests, training and employment with their caring role.

The project runs a variety of courses that are a mixture of fun and motivational and which run at times and places that suit carers. Courses include computer skills, interview techniques, confidence building and can cover individual interests. They have helped hundreds of carers gain new skills, regain their sense of self and even stay in, or get back to, work.

In Lewisham, the Carers Centre is helping carers consider self employment opportunities to enable them to combine caring with paid work. They also offer a range of IT courses for interested carers.

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