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Fact sheet

The Moffat Programme

A proactive and integrated approach underpins the work being taken forward by the Moffat Programme over the next two years.

The programme is made up of four individual Pilot Projects operating in four NHS Board areas in Scotland.

Each pilot site builds on the knowledge and experience of local carer organisations and health partners and promotes partnership work between the local carers centres, health and social care professionals to identify carers early on in their caring role.

The good practice models and protocols developed by this programme aim to ensure that all carers who come into contact with health are:

  • Systematically identified
  • Signposted to local advice
  • Made aware of their rights and can access appropriate support to help them with their caring responsibilities

As work across each of the four pilot sites progresses during the first year of the programme, 2008-2009, the models of good practice and lessons learnt will support NHS Boards to successfully deliver their NHS Carer Information Strategy objectives.

These web pages will be regularly up-dated to give the latest information on developments across each area. This will include feedback from the ongoing evaluation.

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