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Fact sheet

Measuring Impacts

The most important measure of impact is what carers say has changed. So your authority should be doing something to get feedback, good and bad, from carers after their assessment and later after they start to receive services. What carers say should form a key element of your service planning.

Local Authority assessment forms

Local authority carers’ assessment paperwork varies considerably and the way staff complete them will vary too - experienced staff may prefer a blank sheet of paper (backed up by a checklist and carers care plan) and less experienced staff tend to prefer a form to help them undertake a thorough assessment.

A pre-assessment form can be a good way of helping carers prepare for the assessment itself. This helps them think about what they want to talk about so they can make best use of the assessment itself.

Remember that the assessment is not the recording form, it should be a conversation based upon trying to find out what changes are needed.

New assessment approaches

See The Trust's guidance on contracted assessments:

Carers Assessment - Trust guidance (206 KB)

Although a local authority cannot delegate their statutory responsibility to carry out carers’ assessments to voluntary organisations, they can fund carers’ and other organisations to collect information for the assessment, prepare a report and make recommendations. But the local authority has to do more than simply check on a complete or partial basis the outcomes of another organisation’s assessments and must engage actively in the carers’ assessment, even if the assessment, once completed, produces no services.

Some local authorities have contracted with other agencies, like The Trust's Carers Centres, to undertake this collection of information. This should follow the same format as the local authority’s assessment, but it must be made clear to the form that this isn’t an assessment in itself but can be used to contribute some of the information needed by the local authority to make an assessment of need.

Useful resources:

The Supporting Carers Beacons, Carers UK, ADASS Carers' Leads and the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) designed a toolkit to help local authorities in measuring their performance on supporting carers: Toolkit for LA's to measure performance on supporting carers

Healthier Lives, as part of the Government’s National Outcomes 2008, discusses the importance of carers