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Fact sheet

Equal opportunities policy

Although it is not a statutory requirement, carers should be included in equal opportunities and diversity policies.

Carers UK, in its policy briefing, Carers and the Equality and Diversity Agenda, argues that carers should always be considered within the equalities agenda.

A specific policy for employees with caring responsibilities can support managers during recruitment, as well as supporting employees in the process of balancing work and care.

For example:

  • Occupational Health or HR support specifically in relation to carers’ issues
  • Information and guidance for managers and their employees with caring responsibilities
  • A network or support group within the organisation
  • Flexible benefits, like healthcare, gym membership
  • Access to a telephone during the working day
  • Reasonable notice if shift patterns are changing or overtime is required or when requiring employees to work away from their usual office base
  • Career breaks
  • Compassionate leave