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Welcome to the newsroom, where we will be publishing news stories and press releases that will be of particular interest to the professional health and social care sector. Click on the links below and you will be taken through to the newsroom of our main site,

Gordon Brown announces Standing Commission on Carers
4 September 2007

During a speech to the National Council of Voluntary Organisations on 3 September, Gordon Brown announced government plans to set up a new Standing Commission on Carers. In his speech, which pledged...

Mental health carers need more recognition
3 September 2007

A survey of nearly 16,000 users of community mental health services by the Healthcare Commission, shows that support for carers still needs to be improved. The survey asked patients about their experiences...

Simplyhealth Caring Awards 2007: the search is on..
3 August 2007

The Simplyhealth Caring Awards (in partnership with The Princess Royal Trust for Carers) is now in its fourth year and looks to celebrate and recognise the fantastic work carried out by individual GPs...

Dementia care given low priority
8 July 2007

Dementia is being given too low a priority by health and social services in England and Wales, according to a recent report by the National Audit Office (NAO). The report highlights an urgent need to...

Impact of caring on all aspects of life
10 June 2007

New research launched today for Carers Week (11 - 17 June 2007) has revealed the far-reaching effects of looking after a loved one across all aspects of a carer's life. The survey asked 3,500 carers...

Funding boost for families caring for disabled children
25 May 2007

This week ministers announced a funding package of 340m to support disabled children and their families, as part of the disabled children's review. Over the next three years the money will go towards...

Need for a new package deal?
10 January 2007

Today's 'state of social care' report will highlight how local authorities are cutting back on funding and provision of services for vulnerable people. Why is this happening, and how will it impact...

Simplyhealth Caring Awards 2006
31 August 2006

GPs and carers are once again invited to share with The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Simplyhealth (formerly HSA) their experiences of supporting carers and being supported by their GPs respectively...

Future Shock - A reason to Care
14 June 2006

The demographic make-up of Britain is set to change so quickly and radically over the next 30 years that we will see an extra three million people become carers, bringing the total number of carers...

New health initiatives announced at NHS Confederation
14 June 2006

Five new initiatives, led by The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and aimed at improving carers’ experience of health and primary care, are being announced by the charity’s Chief Executive Shān Nicholas...

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