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National Carer Organisations Carer and Practitioner Workforce Training

Bids are invited for a Scottish Government-funded grants programme aimed at benefiting carers.

Scotland’s National Carer Organisations (NCO) are co-ordinating the delivery of the grants programme which seeks to develop groundbreaking training both for carers and the people who come into contact with carers. The aim of the programme is to increase the amount of training available to unpaid carers and in conjunction with local authority and health care services to the carer focused practitioner workforce. This training development will build on significant work already carried out in Scotland. This includes the development of the carers’ and young carers strategy for Scotland for 2010 to 2015, which makes specific reference to training for carers and the practitioner workforce, identifying that carers should have access to similar training opportunities as the paid workforce. The kinds of bids that are likely to attract funding will include new and innovative ideas and training that addresses identified gaps in provision. Small grants of up to £5,000 and large grants of up to £20,000 are available from a total grant budget of £211,000. The Carer Training and Practitioner Workforce Grant Training programme has a one stage application process with the closing date for the submission of applications being 5pm on 10th December 2010.

Before setting up the training grants programme, the NCO audited training delivery in Scotland. As a result, the programme has three themes – training for young carers, training for adult carers and training to promote carer awareness amongst people who work with carers and those they care for. Certain bids will be prioritised – they include:

Projects which address the training needs of carers from the most remote and isolated groups.

These include;
• Black and Minority Ethnic carer communities;
• Rural and remote communities;

Projects which address specific learning needs for young carers;
Projects which address carers’ physical health needs:
Projects which deliver training to carers early in their caring role, at transition periods or times of change.

And for the practitioner workforce:
Developing and offering skills, tools and techniques to support effective partnership working.
Breaking down the barriers to the workforce accessing training particularly with hard to reach groups such as GPs and teachers.
Projects which demonstrate that the training will positively change, enhance or otherwise improve their (the workforce) service delivery to unpaid carers.
Grants for ‘training the trainers’ and specialist training for workforce practitioners around carer issues.

In addition, the NCO will try to make sure grants are awarded to a fair spread across Scotland.

The programme is open to all voluntary sector organisations working in Scotland only. Public sector bodies can’t apply for funding directly, but they can be part of a bid with a voluntary organisation as the lead.

To make an application, download the form below:
Application form (0.8 MB)
Completed applications can be emailed to the NCO Training Coordinator at

For further information contact, please contact the NCO Training Coordinator Graham Walkinshaw on 0141 285 7929 or email:


The NCO is made up of the following organisations:

Carers Scotland
Coalition of Carers in Scotland
Crossroads Caring Scotland
Shared Care Scotland

The Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance – Louise Morgan on
The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Scotland (part of Carers Trust).

Carers Trust (known as The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Scotland) will act as the grant and budget manager on behalf of the NCO.

Audit Of Carer And Workforce Training Executive Summary (257 KB)
Audit Of Carer And Workforce Training Final Report (1.0 MB)
Nco Carer And Practitioner Workforce Training Grant Programme Grant Guidelines (0.9 MB)
Nco Carer And Practitioner Workforcetraining Grants Programme Budget Spreadsheet (27 KB)

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