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Fact sheet

Local authority budgets 2011-15

The Government have published (13 Dec 2010) spending details for every local authority in England for 2011/12 and 2012/13. The average reduction in councils’ spending power will be 4.4% in 2011/12 due to a lower ‘formula grant’ received from national government.

However, local authorities will receive a share of £1bn NHS funding for social care that will benefit health and some local authorities are receiving a transition grant to mitigate the impact of the cuts.

Local authority budgets 2011-13 (411 KB)

The Government have advised that the funding for all existing Department of Heath revenue grants for adult social care will continue and will rise in line with inflation over the next four years (2011-15). This includes the funding in the Carers Grant. The Government has decided this funding will go to councils through something called the local government Revenue Support Grant. The Carers' Grant will not be an identifiable amount within the Revenue Support Grant but we have produced indicative amounts.

Indicative Carers’ Grant amounts 2011-15 (160 KB)

The Government have also published a short guide to explain the funding settlement for local authorities.

Local government spending guide (48 KB)