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Fact sheet

Mental Health

This section is to provide information for professionals working with mental health carers. This page also provides more general information around the topic of mental health, to aid professionals less familiar with this area.

Carers of individuals with mental health problems come into contact with a range of health and social care professionals. Both in the community and in healthcare institutions, carers routinely link with psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, GPs, voluntary and charity staff, as well as many other workers.

Mental health carers deserve support, both in relation to the people they care for, and for themselves as carers. Indeed, carers are often working long hours, in unpredictable circumstances and with little or no aid, to care for those closest to them. But in this way, carers are often an invaluable aid to health professionals’ work, giving an experienced insight into the care and needs of the service user.

However, there are always challenges working with, and involving mental health carers. Dealing with issues such as confidentiality, disputes over care and treatment, and balancing the different needs of carers and service users are common experiences for many healthcare professionals. In this sense, professionals also need support, and the necessary resources to work in partnership with mental health carers.

An overview of the issues faced by carers has been produced by Carers Trust, as well as an outline of the key changes which we would like to see happen nationally. These are available below:

5 Key Facts on Mental Health Carers (164 KB)
Key Asks for Mental Health Carers (155 KB)


The mental health lead at Carers Trust is the first port of call for linking with mental health carer workers (contactable via our London Office).