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Fact sheet

The Carer-friendly Pharmacy

The Carer-friendly Pharmacy Project, led by Carers Trust and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, is part of a programme of work funded by the Department of Health to increase the identification and support of unpaid carers within primary care and community settings so that carers receive support before they reach crisis point.

Work on the project began with a survey of network partners in which we asked them to send us examples of the work they had already carried out with local community pharmacies to identify carers. We also spoke to Gill Winter in Wales and Lindsay Lockhart in Scotland as they had already made considerable progress in this area within their respective countries. You can read a summary of our findings here.
Examples Of Partnership Work Between Carers Centres And Community Pharmacies (219 KB)

Next we invited a range of stakeholders who'd expressed an interest in taking part in a pharmacy pilot to attend a workshop at Leeds University. The workshop brought together staff from local carers services, carers, pharmacists, Local Pharmaceutical Committee members, a Local Authority Carers Lead, the Head of NHS Services at the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, a Regional Manager from the Centre for Pharmacy Post-graduate Education and staff from Carers Trust. The workshop included a SWOT analysis of pharmacies in the context of supporting carers and asked participants to develop a range of carer-friendly services.
Feedback From Pharmacy Pilot Planning Workshop Leeds (515 KB)
Pharmacies And Carers Swot Analysis (369 KB)

From the ideas that were put forward at the workshop, we created a model of carer support called the Carer-friendly Pharmacy which we will pilot in a number of areas across England.
Carer-friendly Pharmacy Pilot (322 KB)

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