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Fact sheet

Supporting carers – early interventions and better outcomes

A joint report by Carers Trust (previously known as The Princess Royal Trust for Carers) and Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS)

At a time when we face many challenges around resources it is doubly important that we keep our sights firmly on the improved outcomes that can be secured through early intervention and preventative support.

Supporting Carers Early Interventions May 2010 (0.8 MB)

This review has five key messages:

  • Early intervention is integral to personalisation.
  • Applying early intervention thinking to the support of carers can lead to better value for money and better outcomes.
  • There is an evidence base to support the claim that carer support can create savings for adult services.
  • Considering carer support in the context of major care pathways such as hospital discharge, falls, dementia and stroke could generate systems-wide efficiencies.
  • Systematic information collection from service users and carers would improve the evidence base and improve the investment of limited resources in both health and social care.

This paper builds on learning from the Partnerships for Older People Programme [POPPS] that investing in prevention can save more money and produce better for outcomes for people. It provides evidence of the impact of certain services on carers’ wellbeing and that supporting carers can reduce the need for residential care and can greatly reduce the ill health that carers suffer