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Fact sheet

Setting up an initiative providing GP Practices with carer information packs

How is the initiative run?
The Carers Centre Brighton and Hove produces information packs relating to carers support services that are available in the area, and providing the carer with a card which they can use to self-refer to the Carers Centre. This information is placed in an envelope which the Practice can keep tidily on one-side, and is easy to access.

The pack contains:

  • A letter from the Carers Centre, acknowledging the role of a carer and explaining what is contained in the pack. The letter also explains what the Carers Centre is and what the work they do is
  • A leaflet about the Carers Centre
  • Leaflets which relate specifically to projects being run by the Carers Centre, which may be of interest to the carer
  • Leaflets produced by the Local Authority or PCT relating to carers issues
  • A Carers Card which works like a discount/access card for certain shops and services in the area
  • A self-referral post-card and free-post envelope to the Carers Centre

Recently, Carers Centre Brighton and Hove have started to number the self-referral cards that are sent out with the packs, with each Practice that is taking them having a corresponding number that the Carers Centre can then check against to identify which Practice the carer collected the pack from.
This is helping to establish how many carers are being referred using this system, and which Practices are proving to be particularly effective in their distribution of the packs.

What methods have been particularly effective?
The fact that the Carers Centre does all of the work: all of the Practice staff do not have to understand a great deal about the services available locally to carers, because the information is available in one convenient and easy-to-access format. This can be developed over time, so that staff becomes more aware, but this ease of access definitely helps immediate buy-in.

Have there been any challenges along the way?
The Carers Centre has been concerned that some of the packs produced have gone to waste, and suggests working closely with Practices to ensure that they are going to the right people. This can also be compensated by ensuring that there is appropriate advertising of the materials in the Practice.

What hints and tips might help me get started?
Keep the packs neat and small, so that they are not an inconvenience to Practice staff to have around.

With the referral cards, the Carers Centre are going to make space for the name of the Practice to be included now to help with self-referral identification and monitoring, and this is something that they would suggest is adopted from the start of an initiative.

Are there any useful documents that can assist me?
The following items are included in the information pack;

Letter explaining the information in the carers pack, and what to do with it (147 KB) (147 KB)

General Carers Information Leaflet (1.9 MB) (1.9 MB)
Young Carers Information Leaflet (168 KB) (168 KB)
Self Referral Post Card (650 KB) (650 KB)

Where can I get further information?
Liz Nicholson,
Carers Centre Brighton and Hove,
19 Bedford Place,
Brighton and Hove,
01273 746 222

When was this information collected?
March 2012.

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