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Fact sheet

Running a workshop for GPs about BME carers

What is the initiative?
A workshop was run by Carers Centre Newcastle at a local Clinical Commissioning Group Conference; this focussed on issues around accessing and supporting BME carers.

Who runs it?
Carers Centre Newcastle, in partnership with Barnardos’ Young Carers Service, and The Angelou Centre.

Who does it benefit?
• The Carers Centre and the other supporting organisations directly by raising their profile with local healthcare practitioners.
• The health professionals that attended the workshop, and their Practices, because it increases their awareness and skills for identifying and engaging with BME carers
• Clinical Commissioning Groups as it informs their future commissioning priorities
• BME carers, and all carers, by increasing the chances that they have of receiving support

What does it do?
The workshop gave presentations to raise awareness about issues affecting BME carers. Participants were then invited to discuss these issues and examine how they might be overcome, and to make key recommendations for commissioning services for BME communities

When did it start?
The workshop was held at a conference in September 2011.

Why was it started?
The conference was organised by Newcastle Bridges Clinical Commissioning Group with support from Newcastle Health and Race Equality Forum. Carers Centre Newcastle was invited to be part of the steering group for the conference. The focus of the conference was on redesigning healthcare to meet the needs of a multicultural community, with the aim of helping to inform future commissioning.

What are the aims and objectives?
*To identify some of the key issues for BME carers

  • To appreciate the barriers for BME carers, including young carers, in accessing and using services and support
  • To discuss the practice and training needed to help health professionals and others to identify and support BME carers
  • To discuss whether any changes in commissioning need to be made in relation to the above

How is it funded?
There was no financial implication for Carers Centre Newcastle apart from the time of the Carers Centre Newcastle staff. The Centre was not paid for their participation.

What has it achieved?
On the day there was clear engagement with the principles of the workshop, and a lot of enthusiasm for using the information presented and the measures discussed in Practice Based Commissioning and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Following the workshop there has been a working group put together to continue to examine this, and to develop an action plan to meet need around BME carers’ issues. This group is made up of the Local Authority, local organisations and Newcastle Bridges Clinical Commissioning Group.

The conference raised awareness of carers’ issues in primary care in the city and has led to positive joint working.

How have carers been involved in planning and delivering this work?
Information was informally gathered from local BME carers to inform the content of the presentations. A carer from the Pakistani community was one of the workshop facilitators, delivering one of three presentations on the day. She is also part of the working group taking forward the actions.

Thinking of doing something similar?
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