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Fact sheet

Role of Glasgow Caledonian University

What was the purpose of the study?

The Moffat Charitable Trust and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers were increasingly aware of the importance of promoting early identification, intervention and support for carers to prevent unnecessary crisis, thereby ensuring carers are properly supported as key partners in the provision of care and preventing an adverse effect on their health and well-being. The Moffat Programme was designed to achieve this aim by creating effective partnership working between the NHS and social work staff, local carer centres and carers. This study’s intention was to find out what aspects of the pilot programme carers, and those providing services to carers, thought were most helpful and why.

Evaluation Team

Glasgow Caledonian University was commissioned to work with the pilot sites during the two years of the Moffat Programme. Dr. Tim Kelly is Professor of Social Work at the University of Dundee and his experience includes social work practice with older people. Dr. David Watson is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Health at Glasgow Caledonian University and his research experience includes working with carers.


Carers in the pilot areas were asked to complete a questionnaire looking at their experiences of services provided in both the hospital and community.

Health and social care staff were asked to complete a questionnaire looking at the service they provide and the training they have undertaken in relation to carers.

Key stakeholders were asked to take part in an interview or focus group at intervals during the pilot programme. These interviews and focus groups looked at what was being done to achieve the aims of the pilot project across each site.


The results will form the basis of the final evaluation report and the evidence shared to enable good practice to be rolled out beyond the pilot areas of the programme. The report will be available to download from this website in the autumn of 2010.


The following tools are available for download:

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