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Fact sheet

Providing GP Practice's with carer information packs

What is the initiative?
Providing information packs for Practices to provide to carers. The packs provide information about the local Carers Centre and other information relevant to carers who live in the area.

Who runs it?
The Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove.

Who does it benefit?
The initiative benefits the local carers, by providing them with information that they might not otherwise have been aware of. It also benefits the Carers Centre by increasing their profile amongst local carers and GP Practices. Finally, it benefits participating GP Practices by enabling them to provide support to the carers amongst their registered patients.

What does it do?
The initiative provides carers with a wealth of information about the services and schemes available in their local area, and offers them an opportunity to access this support.
The information pack also includes a carer identification card that the carer can use to self-refer themselves to the Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove.

When did it start?
The initiative started in 2009, as part of the wider work that the Carers Centre undertakes with GP Practices.

Why was it started?
As part of a pilot scheme working with 6 GP Practices in Brighton and Hove, it became apparent that the Practices wanted information packs that they could hand out to carers who were identified in the surgery. They would then be able to store the specialist information for carers in one place, in the packs, and be able to respond more efficiently to enquiries about carers’ issues.

What are the aims and objectives?

  • To get information across to carers, increasing their access to support services
  • To do this in the easiest way possible for GP Practices
  • To raise the profile of the Carers Centre amongst both Practices and carers

How is it funded?
A grant from the ‘Tudor Trust’.

What has it achieved?
Since the project started some 1500 packs have been distributed to carers.
Whilst it has not been possible to record where all of the carers who self-refer to the Carers Centre have come from, the Carers Centre are confident that the packs themselves have had a significant impact in raising the awareness of the centre and carers support services available in the City.

Beyond this the initiative has also helped to raise the profile of the Carers Centre with GP Practices, and has helped to foster good relationships by responding to a request from GP practices for support in a specific format.
Packs have also been requested by other healthcare professionals as well as carers accessing the Carers Centre through other channels, demonstrating that there is a general awareness of the packs across the City.

Thinking of doing something similar?
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