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Fact sheet

Primary Care and Community Links Project - Update, April 2012

The Department of Health-funded project ‘Primary Care and Community Links’ is progressing very well. The project aims to improve outcomes for carers by supporting carers’ organisation staff when engaging with GPs, and by increasing carer awareness amongst professional organisations.

An in-depth scoping exercise into GP liaison work by carers’ organisation staff has been conducted, investigating what support Carers Trust can provide for front-line staff in their work with GPs. This consisted of a cross-network survey and eight workshops held across the country, which nearly one-hundred staff attended.

Findings from this research have informed the development of a GP Liaison Practitioners Guide, a range of resources, and examples of best practice. These will shortly be published as a physical resource and online via

Furthermore, 20 staff who work in close contact with GP Practices have been recruited to the role of ‘Expert Practitioner’, receiving further training to support them in their work; this consisted of a two-day professional development event held in Manchester at the end of March.

To help increase carer awareness amongst professional organisations some close work has been undertaken with the Royal College of Nursing and the Queens Nursing Institute. Articles designed to raise carer awareness are appearing in their professional media, and they have undertaken a detailed research exercise to help Carers Trust understand how best we can support them in their work with carers.

Similar work is planned with other organisations, including Sainsbury’s.

For more information please go to the project's home page; Primary Care and Community Links Project

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