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Fact sheet

NHS given £150m to support carers

The Government’s Carers’ Strategy (England only) was published in 2008. It committed £150m to provide breaks for carers via Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) – your local NHS body. £50m would be given in 2009/10 and £100m in 2010/11.

However, this money was not ring-fenced and PCTs did not have to spend it on supporting carers. Our report No breaks for carers found that in 2009/10, PCTs planned to use only 23% of the £50m to increase support for carers. You can see how your PCT performed last year:

Details of spending by Primary Care Trusts 2009-11 (94 KB)

Tough breaks for carers: A report into Primary Care Trusts and delivery of the Carers' Strategy March 2010 (443 KB)

Carers Trust PCT Survey results 2009/10 (179 KB)

No Breaks For Carers Report Oct 09 (249 KB)

How much is your Primary Care Trust receiving?

Although this is new money, the £150m will be given to PCTs as part of their overall total allocation and PCTs will not be advised how much of the £150m each is getting. So the money being given to PCTs is not ring-fenced and is given as part of their total allocation.

To estimate how much each PCT is receiving of the £150m, it is possible to use the same percentage of the £150m as their total allocation is as a percentage of the total given to all PCTs. So, if a PCT gets 1% of the total given to all PCTs they will get 1% of the £150m. Below is a table outlining the amounts for each PCT:

PCT allocations (54 KB)

We’re campaigning to persuade PCTs to use their allocations to support carers. To help persuade your local PCT, find how you can get involved.

For more information, contact Gordon Conochie, Policy & Parliamentary Officer, 410885