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Fact sheet

New NHS money for carers

The Government has announced that an additional £400m over four years (2011-15) will be included in baseline allocations to Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), and potentially to GP consortia subsequently, to spend on supporting carers. £129m of that £400m is being included in the baseline allocations to PCTs in 2012/13.

Government has advised that The NHS Operating Framework 2012/13 advises that increasing support for carers should be one of three areas focussed on for improvement. Government advises that "PCT clusters need to agree policies, plans and budgets with local authorities and voluntary groups to support carers" and that plans should:

  • Be explicitly agreed and signed off by both local authorities and PCT clusters;
  • Identify the financial contribution made to support carers by both local authorities and PCT clusters and that any transfer of funds from the NHS to local authorities is through a section 256 agreement;
  • Identify how much of the total is being spent on carers’ breaks;
  • Identify an indicative number of breaks that should be available within that funding; and be published on the PCT or PCT cluster’s website by 30 September 2012 at the latest.

We have produced indicative amounts to show how the share of the £129m that each PCT has received within its total revenue allocation. Pct Allocations 2012 13 (81 KB)

Evidence has shown that supporting carers - relatives and friends who provide care - can help reduce readmissions and improve rehabilitation of patients to help the NHS meet the aims of the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP).

Supporting carers; the case for change

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