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Fact sheet

King's Fund Standard - Maintaining Carer's Health

The King's Fund published their How good is your service to carers? guide in 2002. In this document the author set out five key standards, the fourth of which was focused on 'Support to care and maintain carer's own health', described as follows:

"Any service that supports carers to care and to maintain their own health and well-being by offering training, health promotion and personal development opportunities and is responsive to individual needs"

The toolkit also includes the National Carers Strategy checklist for GPs and PCT's, which asks:

  • Have you identified those of your patients who are carers, and patients who have a carer?
  • Do you check carers' physical and emotional health whenever a suitable opportunity arises, and at least once a year?
  • Do you routinely tell carers that they can ask social services for an assessment of their own needs?
  • Do you always ask patients who have carers whether they are happy for health information about them to be told to their carer?
  • Do you know whether there is a carers' support group or Carers' Centre in your area, and do you tell carers about them?

The full guide is available to buy from the King's Fund for £5.