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Fact sheet

How can I get involved?

Although the breaks for carers funding is not ring-fenced, the NHS Operating Framework for 2010/11 does specify that carers would benefit from additional support such as breaks and should be recognised as expert partners in care (para 2.48).

The National Carers’ Strategy also requested that PCTs produce plans in conjunction with carers, third sector organisations and local authorities to provide support for carers.

Ask your Primary Care Trust to support carers

We have written to 150 of 152 Primary Care Trusts to ask them how much they are budgeting to spend on carers in 2010/11. Under the Freedom of Information Act, they should reply to us by March 5th. We will be publishing results in our health professionals pages.

To make sure that PCTs will use the £100m allocated to them to support carers we are encouraging all carers, people who know carers and local charities to write to the Chief Executive of their local PCT asking them to use this money to support carers. You can find the address for your local PCT here.

Primary Care Trusts will be setting their budgets in February and March.

Our policy team has produced a useful guide to influencing your PCT:

How to influence your PCT (102 KB)

We have also produced templates for writing to your MP and councillor:

Letter to MP template (68 KB)

Letter to Councillor template (68 KB)

Now is the time to act. There are five million carers who need and deserve this support that has been promised to them. You can help thousand of families in your local area.

Good luck!