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Fact sheet

Evaluation tool

This tool has been developed to assess the effectiveness of the content and mode of delivery. The pre-course questionnaire is sent to participants two weeks before commencing the course and is designed to get an idea of the carer’s perceptions of their knowledge and skills around caring and their sense of wellbeing.

This mixed methods research gathers the information using questions and scales. The questionnaire is divided into sections each compiled of a title heading introducing the area of questioning and then two questions to focus the thinking of the recipient and then a scale in order to quantify the information.

Click here to download questionnaire one (72 KB)

The post-course questionnaire asks the same questions in the same way in the first instance and then asks questions about the course delivery, duration and location. This enables measurement of the movement of the carer’s attitudes and learning, and enables an analysis of the different modes of delivery and increasing carer confidence.

Click here to download questionnaire two (299 KB)

Information about the course content and quality of speakers is collected in the end of course evaluation.

Click here to download course evaluation (299 KB)

Click here to download revised pre and post course questionnaires (Not available yet).

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