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Fact sheet

Evaluation and monitoring

Evaluation and monitoring

Glasgow Caledonian University have designed an evaluation tool used to assess the effectiveness in increasing carers’ confidence and well being, and in accessing services that will help them in their caring role.

Participants consent to complete a pre-course, end of course and post-course questionnaire and to take part in a focus group eight weeks after the last session.

Following the evaluation of phase one the evaluation process has been revised. As part of this revision the evaluation leaflet has been shortened.

Click here to download revised evaluation leaflet (1.1 MB)

Click here for evaluation tool (to take you to explanation of evaluation tool as below)

Those delivering the courses are also being asked to take part in the evaluation online. This online questionnaire is administered by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCAL).

Click here for trainers online questionnaire (139 KB)

Course organisers

Course organisers collect information with regard to costings, recruitment and attendance of the courses. This information formed the basis for the project interim report.

Course organisers and facilitators will be invited to take part in a focus group to discuss with GCAL their views and opinions of the courses.

Evaluation of phase two courses
Lessons learned from phase one have been incorporated in the revision of the evaluation process for phase two. This has included a revision of the evaluation tool itself as well as the way participants are involved.

Pre and post course questionnaires are being revised in order to shorten the questionnaire and make them less time consuming to complete. The questions remain the same however carers now complete a scale for each question and have an opportunity at the end of the questionnaire to give further details as they wish.

All course participants (not only those who completed the pre and post questionnaires) will be asked to complete the course evaluation form at the end of the course and will continue to be invited into the focus group.

Click here for evaluation tool (to take you to explanation of evaluation tool as below)

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