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Fact sheet

Electronic Carer Referral Form

In partnership with Salford PCT, Salford Carers Centre created an electronic referral form to provide a quick and easy way for GPs and other primary care staff to refer carers to the Carers Centre. This form has subsequently been uploaded onto GP practice systems across Salford.

In developing the form, the Information Governance team at NHS North West were consulted as to whether or not a carer would have to give signed consent for the referral to be made. The reponse was that the ticking of the check box on the electronic form by the referrer provides sufficient evidence that verbal consent has been sought from the patient/carer to allow the sharing of address details and for further contact in relation to the referral. The crucial point is that it provides evidence that consent has been sought from the client.

The referral form and accompanying guidance are available here for other centres and PCTs to use, on the understanding that Salford Carers Centre and Salford PCT are credited.