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Fact sheet

East Ayrshire Carers Centre within NHS Ayrshire and Arran

East Ayrshire Carers Centre has been operational for over 13 years. It currently supports more than 4000 adult carers and 400 young carers via their 4 project sites across the local authority area of East Ayrshire. These carers have been identified as a result of a number of hidden carer initiatives carried out by the Centre. Two of the most successful have been their ‘GP Initiative’ and their ‘Hospital Discharge Initiative’

The funding received through the Moffat Charitable Trust was utilized to enable East Ayrshire Carers Centre to identify and support carers of patients in hospitals across Ayrshire and Arran. In June 2008, 3 Hospital Carer Support Workers were appointed to work in the acute hospital setting, working with multi-disciplinary teams. The workers built on the good practice already established, by seeking to develop the Hospital Discharge Initiative in all the general and community hospitals within NHS Ayrshire and Arran. They worked closely with both primary and acute staff to develop referral pathways, and developed links with both hospital and community based social workers to improve the uptake of, and assist with the delivery of, carers’ assessments.

The Hospital Carer Support Workers provided information, advice, support and benefit checks as well as specific information on carers’ assessments, aids and adaptations, respite and a raft of social and leisure activities, to carers they identified in the hospital setting.
The workers also referred those identified to the Carers Centre in their geographical locality (i.e. North, South or East Ayrshire Carers Centre), for on-going support as required.

Aims of Initiative

Enabled carers to:

• Have a better quality of life through accessing information and resources
• Acquire skills, knowledge and ability to allow them to carry out their caring role effectively.
• Fulfil their caring role for a longer period of time due to awareness of support available.
• Access carers’ assessments which will identify what support they need to enable them to continue to care.

Some of Our Outcomes

• Carer information leaflets were produced to inform carers about the Hospital Carer Support Workers and the Hospital Initiative service.
• Worked in partnership with social work department to improve uptake of carers’ assessments
• Had input to various hospital based support groups throughout NHS Ayrshire and Arran
• Identified and supported seldom heard carers across NHS Ayrshire and Arran