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Fact sheet

Commissioning for Carers

This new step-by-step guide, published September 2009, aims to assist commissioners in health and social care in supporting carers through the commissioning cycle by providing councils with a new blueprint for buying services to help carers.

Accompanying the main guide is a shorter action guide for decision-makers. This is aimed at directors of adult services, chief executives of primary care trusts (PCT) and elected members.

Key recommendations in the guides include:

  • think ‘carer’ in all commissioning and joint strategic needs assessments (JSNA)
  • improve outcomes, independence and choices for both carers and those they care for
  • involve carers of all groups and communities in decision-making and planning processes
  • strengthen the carer support provider market, using a variety of funding approaches

Download the guides below:

Commissioning for carers: full guide (2.1 MB)

Commissioning for carers: action guide for decision-makers (1.0 MB)

The guides were funded by the Department of Health and were jointly produced by the following organisations: Association of Directors for Adult Social Services (ADASS); Carers UK; Carers Trust; Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA); Local Government Association (LGA); National Black Carers and Carers Workers Network (hosted by the Afiya Trust); NHS Confederation; Carers Trust.


Supporting Carers: The Case for Change

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers (now known as Carers Trust) launched a report on 9th August 2011 titled "Supporting Carers: The Case for Change." The report demonstrates how using funds allocated by the Government to increase support for carers also benefits the people being cared for, and reduces demand on other health and social care services. It uses evidence from randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and peer reviewed journals and gives examples of services that have shown success in supporting carers. It will be of special interest to commissioners and finance directors in health and social care, general practitioners and councillors.

Download the report here (334 KB)

Recently Launched: Carers Hub

Carers' Hub is a new website showcasing successful service for carers. The Carers' Hub has been created by Carers Trust to highlight services from around the UK that have successfully helped carers.

It demonstrates how involving carers and families in the audit and development of services in their local area can lead to innovative and cost effective ways of supporting carers.

Visit the Carers' Hub website to read about the service that has provided 900+ hours of counselling to carers in Leicester; or the project in Nottingham providing practical support for carers who are caring for somebody dying of cancer; or the young carers summer scheme in Newry and Mourne.

Carers' Hub