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Carers Leads bulletins archives

Carers Leads Policy bulletin Sep 11 (119 KB)

  • PM asks DH to investigate use of PCT carers’ money
  • One third of older carers cancel treatment or operations because of caring responsibilities
  • GP Patient Survey: carers much more likely to report ill health
  • New consultation on social care reform
  • Health and Wellbeing Boards guides

Carers Leads Policy bulletin Aug 11 (140 KB)

  • Lack of support for carers costs councils £billions
  • HealthWatch pathfinders launched
  • Personal budgets rely on carers to be successful
  • 60% want to die at home; 21% do
  • ADASS safeguarding guidance on carers

Carers Leads Policy bulletin July 11 (124 KB)

  • Govt suggests Overview and Scrutiny committees look at PCT support for carers
  • Health and Wellbeing Boards, and Clinical Commissioning Groups to have duty to engage with public
  • Social Care reform would cost 0.25% of Government spending
  • Users and carers like personal budgets, just not the process of getting one
  • £1m for young carers in Sutton and Merton

Carers Leads Policy bulletin May 11 (117 KB)

  • Give Carers a Break campaign launch
  • Carers provide £119bn worth of care per annum
  • Dispelling myths around NHS reform

Carers Leads Policy bulletin April 11 (143 KB)

  • Govt advice for councils cutting voluntary sector
  • DH guide on transforming community services
  • Think Local, Act Personal launched
  • DH launch independent social services

Carers Leads Policy bulletin March 11 (140 KB)

  • Govt consultations to remove the Social Fund and council duties
  • Report saying carers are central to success of personal budgets
  • Duties of GP consortia
  • Government’s mental health strategy

Carers Leads Policy bulletin Jan/Feb 11 (142 KB)

  • The national survey of carers showing how many were assessed and how many got a break
  • Levels of provision and expenditure on social services for each council (Birmingham Council gave more Direct Payments to carers than any other)
  • New tool to measure the impact of carers' services on a carer's quality of life
  • Research showing supporting carers reduces hospital admissions

Carers Leads Policy bulletin Nov 10 (112 KB)

  • The Government’s Next Steps for the Carers’ Strategy
  • Government’s new Vision for Adult Social Care
  • Government’s new guide on making personalisation work for carers

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Carers Leads Policy bulletin Sept-Oct 10 (141 KB)

Carers Leads Policy bulletin Jan 10 (210 KB)

  • Carers not a priority in NHS Framework 2010/11 but…
  • NHS 5 year plan advises better support for carers could reduce emergency admissions
  • Care Quality Commission report on social services
  • Who will actually benefit from the Govt’s proposed free personal care at home
  • New policies from Tories and Lib Dems

Policy bulletins dated 2009 and before

Carers Leads policy bulletin Apr 09 (192 KB)

Carers Leads policy bulletin Feb 09 (178 KB)

Carers Leads policy bulletin Nov 08 (195 KB)

Carers Leads policy update July 08 (200 KB)
Carers Leads policy update April 08 (196 KB)

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