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Carers Leads Bulletins

Carers Leads Policy bulletin Aug 12 (812 KB)

  • Audit Commission report savings on assessments and reviews
  • National mental health implementation framework
  • New rights for carers in draft Care and Support Bill
  • Consultation on Draft NHS Mandate and objectives for health and healthcare
  • Consultation on Joint Strategic Needs Assessments and joint health and wellbeing strategy guidance
  • Regulations for health commissioners to deliver best value

Carers Leads Policy bulletin June 12 (811 KB)

  • Carers Week 2012 events and media highlights
  • Care in crisis: £5.3bn wiped from the economy
  • Personal Budgets reducing amount of care for carers
  • Members of Parliament Debate Mental Health
  • Shared decision making consultation
  • CCG configurations published

Download the briefing for Care & Support White Paper & Draft Bill (801 KB)

Carers Leads Policy bulletin May 12 (815 KB)

  • Carers Trust in the news - survey reveals nearly two thirds of carers have never accessed support
  • Personal budgets for special educational needs support
  • Queens Speech - Draft Care and Support Bill and timetable for Social Care reform
  • Latest guidance for Clinical Commissioning Groups and NHS Commissioning Board
  • New good practice section – guidance on personalisation, direct payments, health & wellbeing boards

Carers Leads Policy bulletin Apr 12 (804 KB)

  • 1000 people took part in the ‘End the Care Crisis: Lobby 2012’ at the Houses of Parliament
  • The Government announces £66 million for dementia research
  • Royal Assent of the Welfare Reform Act and Health and Social Care Act
  • Warning of £10bn cut to welfare bill in this year’s Budget
  • Opportunity to request Continuing Healthcare Assessment

Carers Leads Policy bulletin Jan 12 (134 KB)

  • Govt gives extra £129m for NHS to support carers in 2012/13
  • See how your council ranks for supporting carers
  • Fewer carers assessed in 2010/11
  • Triple the number of carers identified immediately
  • Proof - health checks and breaks improve carer health

Carers Leads Policy bulletin Nov/Dec 11 (120 KB)

  • NHS not increasing spending on carers as requested
  • New NHS Operating Framework makes carers a top priority
  • High Court of Justice ruling on eligibility
  • Fewer people receiving support through adult social care

Carers Leads Policy bulletin Oct 11 (114 KB)

  • New GP action guide for carers published
  • How did your council perform in the social care satisfaction survey?
  • New duties for councils regarding parent carers
  • New citizen led markers to measure personalisation progress
  • Personal health budgets report and roll out