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Fact sheet

Carers and Personalisation

The Department of Health has produced guidance to health and social care professionals for better practice and outcomes regarding carers and personalisation (published 25 Nov 2010). This is to complement the Government’s Vision for Adult Social Care. The guide has useful key good practice suggestions and examples of local services being delivered with many being run by carers’ centres in Carers Trust network.

To achieve successful outcomes, the Department of Health advise there is a need to:

  • recognise the expertise of and work in genuine partnership with carers at all levels of service design and delivery
  • enable carers to design and direct their own support, have access to direct payments and be engaged in the support plan of the person they care for and the assessment
  • establish whole family approaches and planning that ensure there is integrated support
  • fully recognise the differing social and emotional impacts of providing support to another person and that these do not necessarily correlate to the number of hours spent, or the tasks undertaken, in providing care
  • develop a range of support options and opportunities to match the diverse needs of carers and the outcomes they wish to achieve in their lives

Carers and Personalization - Department of Health Guidance (1.2 MB)

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