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Fact sheet

Current health policy on carers

Monitoring NHS performance on carers

The Government will include an additional £400m over 2011-15 for carers in the allocations of Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) and any successor body such as Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). The NHS Operating Framework 2012/13 requests that PCTs publish their plans and budgets regarding support for carers by 1st September. New NHS money for carers

How well PCTs (or CCGs) perform in their support for carers will be measured against the NHS Outcomes Framework. The Outcome Framework for 2012/13 contains an indicator specifically relevant to carers (indicator 2.4), and it is near certain this indicator will be in each year’s Outcomes Framework for the foreseeable future.

NHS Outcome Indicator 2.4 - The health-related Quality of Life for carers

This will be measured using the GP Patient Survey on a bi-annual basis. All people surveyed will be asked:

Do you look after, or give any help or support to family members, friends, neighbours or others because of either -long-term physical or mental health/disability, or -problems related to old age?

They will then look to see how those who answered yes to that question, answer the following five questions. This will give results for the health-related Quality of Life for Carers:

1. Mobility: Do you have no problems in walking about, some problems or confined to bed?

2. Self-Care: Do you have no problems with self-care, some problems washing or dressing yourself, or are you unable to wash or dress yourself?

3. Usual activities (work, study, leisure): Do you have problems performing your usual activities, some problems with these or are you unable to perform these?

4. Pain: Do you have no pain or discomfort, moderate levels, or extreme levels?

5. Anxiety/depression: Are you not anxious or depressed, moderately so or extremely so?