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Fact sheet

Appointing Carers' Leads in GP Practices

What is this initiative?
The Carers’ Centre works with a GP surgery to appoint a member of the GP staff to carry out the voluntary role of Carers’ Lead. This role involves championing the case for carer identification and support within the practice.

Who runs it?
The Carers’ Centre - Bath and North East Somerset

Who does it benefit?
It benefits all carers.

What does it do?
It gives a member of a GP staff the responsibility of championing the cause for carers in their practice. The role of carers’ lead can encompasses a variety of duties – from keeping their colleagues updated about the local services available to carers, looking after the practice’s carers’ register to acting as the point of contact for carers in the surgery, providing information and signposting them.

When did it start?
It started in 2009 and is on-going.

Why was it started?
It was recommended to practices by the RCGP and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers (now Carers Trust) as the first step they could take in supporting carers in the publication Supporting Carers: An action guide for general practitioners and their teams, and it is recognised as being a good way to boost carer identification.

What are the aims and objectives?
• Increase engagement in GP staff
• Increase carer identification
• Improve local GPs carers’ registers
• Keep carers high on the GPs list of priorities
• Increase carer awareness amongst practice staff

How is it funded?
It is funded from the Carers’ Centre budget.

What has it achieved?
The BANES Carers Centre’ have created a motivated network of carers’ leads in their local surgeries who are work continuously to improve carer identification and support.
The Carers’ Centre are also able to regularly communicate to these practices through the leads. They have provided carer awareness training to 355 GP workers in the area.

How have carers been involved in planning and delivering this work?
Carers go along to the carer awareness training sessions at GP surgeries with the Carers’ Centre and tell their story.

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