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This section contains advice for health professionals, whether they work with adults, some of whom will be parents of young carers, or with children. It also provides information on the latest government guidance on supporting young carers and their parents.

One of the major stresses that young carers identify is that while they may be the person who spends most time looking after someone in their family, they are also often the person who knows least about their health condition.

Health professionals working with adults who have children should try to encourage them to explain their health condition to their children. Alternatively, professionals could do this on behalf of the adult if the adult does not feel comfortable to do so. If this is not possible, there is no data protection barrier to giving a child or young person general information about the relevant health condition.

Young Carer’s Mental Health Toolkit

This Toolkit is for any one working with young carers who is looking for ideas and resources they could use to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. This Toolkit is put together by the Young Carers Mental Health Development Coordinator in partnership with the Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance and the Princess Royal Trust for Carers, funded by the Scottish Government. It aims to provide activities which use the notion of building resiliency of young carers.

Factors long associated with mental health and well being, such as achieving goals, having positive relationships, doing well in school, and feeling hopeful, seem to promote resiliency and so lead to positive mental health. For workers it is important that building resilience becomes part and parcel of the work done with young carers.

You will see throughout this toolkit our Scottish Young Carer’s Mascot figures Eryc and Trayc. For more information about them please go to

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