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Fact sheet


  • Following a survey in 2010, the BBC estimated that there are 700,000 young carers in the UK
  • A survey by The (Former) Princess Royal Trust for Carers(2010), found that for over 39% of young carers, school staff were not aware that they were young carers and 68% said they had been bullied in school
  • 27% of young carers aged 11-15 experience educational difficulties or miss school,rising to 40% where children are caring for a relative with drug or alcohol problems

Young carers can often encounter barriers to their learning. The impacts of these can be variable, severe and enduring. Transition periods between schools, college and university or the workplace are particularly crucial times when young carers and young adult carers may struggle.

Schools, colleges, universities and careers services should therefore aim to counter such impacts early, by removing or lowering any additional barriers to learning. Young carers should experience a seamless journey through their education where they are supported at each stage of their education and not disadvantaged by their family circumstances and caring roles.

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Supporting Young Carers: A resource for schools

A free online resource helping schools to set up systems to identify and support pupils who are young carers.

If you have come across a young carer, or suspect that a student may be a young carer, please refer to this model of support:

Working with young carers: a model (167 KB)

For a quick overview of how your school or college can develop support for young carers, please refer to this model framework:

A model for setting up a framework of support (184 KB)


Scotland Primary School Toolkit for Teachers (2.7 MB)

Funded by the Scottish Government, this ‘toolkit’ aims to allow teachers to help young children understand what we mean by the term ‘young carer’, identify themselves as young carers and ask for help.

Scotland Secondary School Toolkit for Teachers (3.3 MB)

This toolkit allows teachers in secondary schools to identify young carers and assist in supporting them.

Please note this a temporary version of the toolkit and this resource is currently being updated