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This section has assessments advice for professionals, whether they are working with adults (some of whom will be parents of young carers) or with children. It also highlights the latest government guidance on supporting young carers and their parents.

There are lots of services that could potentially help young carers, but most young carers remain unsupported throughout their childhoods.

All agencies that support adults can amend their assessment procedures to include some quick and simple questions:

  1. Do you have children?
  2. How does your health problem affect them?
  3. How can we support you in your role as a parent?
  4. What support do other members of your family need?

All agencies that support children should be aware of the signs that someone is a young carer and ensure their service is sensitive to young carers’ needs.

Manual for Measures of Caring Activities and Outcomes for Children and Young People

The Manual for Measures of Caring Activities and Outcomes contains a range of tools relevant for assessment and evaluation work with young carers. These tools should not be used in isolation rather they can complement what is already known about a young person and their family including existing information gathered in the course of formal assessment processes (eg CAF or a core assessment).

In the course of completing any of the tools young carers may reveal information about themselves which suggests they're in need of support services and/or they are at risk of significant harm. If this is the case then a worker or volunteer should follow their organisation's safeguarding (child protection) procedures in order to share concerns and take appropriate action.

Download the manual (760 KB)

Young Carers’ Assessment questionnaire

You may find it useful to download the assessment questionnaire for young carers produced by North Yorkshire County Council in association with Carers’ Resource (Harrogate, Craven and Airedale).

Download the questionnaire (625 KB)

Further useful sources of information are listed below

The policy guidance to the new Carers Equal Opportunities Act 2004 has information on young carers.

The Practice Guidance to the new Carers Equal Opportunities Act 2004 has clear guidance on assessing young carers.

The Social Care Institute for Excellence has several briefings on young carers and parents who have care needs.

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