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Physical Disabilities and Illnesses

Caring for someone with a physical disability or illness can be a very challenging responsibility. In this section we look at some of the major conditions, and signpost you through to the most appropriate information and advice on the web.

We also examine some of the more common issues those caring for someone with a physical disability face: mobility and transport, housing, aids and equipment, coping with your caring role, home care services and benefits.

Your local carers centre, GP, local authority (social services) or other support organisations should be able to help you with some of the care issues you have. In particular, it is your local authority's responsibility to provide assessments for the person being cared for, to offer help at home and potentially provide respite care.

These articles deal with some of the major conditions that you may be caring for, directing you towards the best information available on the internet:

Multiple Sclerosis


Heart Disease