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Fact sheet

Government guidance (Scotland)

The main policy driver for the carers agenda in Scotland is ‘The Future of Unpaid Care in Scotland’ (Scottish Executive 2006), also known as ‘Care21’.

This report makes 22 recommendations to improve carers lives, including a specific recommendation for young carers ‘that a national forum representing the views of young carers be established and supported by a separate young carers strategy. The strategy should focus on the following areas as priorities:

  • Implementation of clear agency responsibilities to aid early young carer identification and support, particularly for school, education and health services
  • Enhanced joint working between agencies with young carers and their families
  • A person centred, life planning focus to harness the ability of young people and their families to create appropriate support
  • A need for sustainable voluntary sector organisations and networks that can offer young carers peer support, breaks from living and caring routines, and person centred learning and development support

The ministerial response to this was that there would be a ‘strategic focus’ rather then Strategy – integrating young carers with mainstream policy , particularly through

Getting It Right for Every Child
• Education (Additional Support for Learning)(Scotland) Act 2004
• Integrated Children’s Service Planning
• Joint Inspections

In November 2007, the concordat between Scottish Government and local authorities set out a commitment to policy development around providing respite and other support for an additional 1,000 young carers in Scotland over the next 3 years:

Concordat between the Scottish Government and local government

In June 2008, a multi agency self assessment tool for young carers was launched by HMIe, entitled 'Improving Children’s Services – How Good Are Our Services for Young Carers and their Families? How Good can We Be?'. A copy of this can be downloaded:

Improving Children’s Services (389 KB)

Although self assessment is not mandatory, authorities will probably find that this is a useful tool to use prior to a joint services inspection

Further information and resources on issues concerning young people in Scotland, including information on policy and research, are available on the following website:

Scottish Commissioner’s Office for Children and Young People (SCCYP)

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