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Fact sheet

Conditions, Treatments and Services

Mental Health Conditions and Treatments

For staff unfamiliar with the mental health field, the range of conditions, treatments and local service provision can be difficult to navigate. We have produced a short guide to some of the most common conditions, treatments and staff involved, as well as a guide to communications around mental health. Both are written for staff or carers.

Trust Guidance - Mental Health: A General Induction (231 KB)
MH Communications Guide (168 KB)

For more information on a variety of mental health conditions, see the Partners in Care leaflets and materials. These include a range of excellent checklists for carers and staff to use to work together effectively.
There is also other information on mental health conditions and treatments on the Mental Health Links page of our main site.


Specific mental health carer services are provided regionally by carers centres (within Carers Trust network), Rethink, local councils, NHS organisations and other providers. To find your local carers service, please go to

Some other useful links are below:

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